Alison Helf Bechdol

Owner, Senior Digital Strategy Consultant

I’m a 6ft tall, Milwaukee-area native with a passion for technology, website development and digital optimization for large and small organizations. I’ve worked for small and large web development and marketing agencies across the country, with notable clients including Harley-Davidson, King Arthur Flour, Harvard University, Biossance, Cedars-Sinai, Once Upon A Farm, The Outset, Farmacy Beauty, Innisfree, California Closets and more.

I (or as some people know me as “Analytics Ali”) specialize in analytics, tag management, event tracking, reporting, and insights. My team of digital strategists supports data-driven actionable insights.

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I’m always available for podcasts, events and conferences, other speaking engagements, and trainings. If you want to chat about data, analytics, music, dogs, wine, whatever — don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Google Analytics & GA4 Workshop
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